ACCA – Management Accounting

ACCA - Management Accounting

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Although this course is specifically designed for those aiming to pass the ACCA exam on management accounting, the course may help any professional to understand and to apply the main rules of Management Accounting. In this course you will learn about: statistical techniques used in management accounting, about accounting for materials, labour and overheads; you will learn how to use absorption or marginal costing or other costing methods like, service, batch or job costing. You will learn about budgeting, how to prepare a budget and how to use it, about variance analysis and about performance measurement. All lessons have practical examples preparing you to understand and apply all taught concepts in your professional life. Your tutor will follow your progress and will provide you feedback every time you need it. We are proud to state that, probably due to the great interactivity of our courses, all our students passed the ACCA exams. The course is in English but for Romanian native speakers, feedback may be provided in Romanian. The average length of this course is 30 hours. Once you purchase this course, your enrollment  will be active until 15 December. If you plan to pass the ACCA exam, by following this course together with my advice, I guarantee you will pass the exam!  

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