ACCA – Romanian Taxation – Full Course – FS

ACCA - Romanian Taxation - Full Course - FS

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This course covers VAT, companies' taxes, individuals' taxes and mandatory social contributions. The full support membership transforms this online course in a private tuition. Each tax/contribution is treated from the very basics and fundamental principles and ends with models and practical cases to help you fully understand how it should be computed and declared. Although this course is specifically designed for those aiming to pass the ACCA exam on taxation, Romanian stream, the course may help any professional (with basic or even none accounting background) to understand and to apply the rules of Romanian Tax Laws. Your membership guarantees that the tutor will carefully revise all your quizzes. Each question from each quiz has its "Comments" sections to allow you to discuss the question/solution with us privately. Do not hesitate to use this too! Once enrolled, you will receive the tutor's feedback for your answers to the quizzes solved every time you need it. We are proud to state that, probably due to the great interactivity of our courses, all our students passed the ACCA exams. You have to follow our advice, and we guarantee that you will pass the exam! Still, if you consider that you don't need tutor's support, you can choose ACCA - Romanian Taxation Full course - LM! Nevertheless you should be aware that the course material is based on the Romanian Tax Laws published as at 30 September prior year. The course is in English, but for Romanian native speakers, feedback may be provided in Romanian. The average length of this course is 30 hours. Once you purchase this course, your enrollment will be active 3 mounth.
Introduction VAT CIT PIT Revision

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  1. I feel ready for the exam! Thank you.

  2. andreea ungur: June 13, 2017 at 11:54 am

    This course is of great help in prepping for the F6 exam, as Madalina has a good teaching method (insisting on important information (information that may seem of low importance for the students, such as deadlines for declaration, payment, etc). Also, the examples given and solved by the tutor are helpful in order to understand and apply the theoretical concept. Madalina is very opened to questions and you may rely on her assistance during the entire learning process.
    Thank you!

  3. Madalina is the best professor and an extraordinary trainer 🙂

  4. Dinu Martalog: July 24, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Buna Madalina,
    Am sa te bucur – am luat examenul!
    Cursurile mi-au fost de mare ajutor, chiar daca am luat 61 de puncte, eram sigur pe ceea ce stiam, iar la sfarsitul examenului stiam si unde am gresit. Sper ca si ceilalti colegi care au trecut cursul au obtinut rezultate bune.

    Dinu Martalog
    PwC Romania

  5. Madalina is an awesome teacher! Thanks to her, I have passed F6 from the first attempt! I strongly recommend this course, due to the fact that Madalina is supporting her students on every step.
    This is an important aspect when learning, because this helps you to identify the main mistakes, to correct them and to better understand the concepts.

    Also, the courses are made in a friendly manner – I think that the important theoretical aspects are highlighted in the exercises made at the final of every video and this is very helpful.

    Madalina is a person with a lot of knowledge and from my point of view, her teaching method is essential – she is patient and she explains to you in many ways, until you understand the concept.

    However, in order to pass the exam, it is necessarily to go through all the courses and to “listen” to Madalina’s advices, which are very helpful.

    Madalina, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and I hope to meet you again in the future!

  6. I highly recommend this training for successfully pass the ACCA exam on the first attempt in a very nice and easy way of study and without too much effort. I think is useful to know for potential future trainees that this online training is not only about passing the exam, but also to acquire valuable taxation knowledge; which will help for sure, either from personal perspective or from professional one.
    Madalina is highly involved in all training phases, giving feedback to all answered exercises and this makes you, as a student, more responsible and willing to be successful. In my case, this teacher – student connection, made the difference in passing the exam, beside the high quality material, of course!

    Thank you Madalina!

  7. Buna, Madalina,

    La fel ca toti colegii mei care scriu aici, si eu am luat examenul cu 61 de puncte si sunt foarte fericita! Am reusit sa il iau rezolvand marea majoritate a exercitiilor din platforma si invatand pe baza video-urilor tale care sunt excelente. Nu in ultimul rand m-a ajutat foarte mult si faptul ca pentru orice nelamurire aveam, iti dadeam un mail si imi raspundeai in maxim 30 de min:)

    Iti multumesc inca o data:)

  8. Buna Madalina,

    Azi am aflat vestea am luat examenul. Nu as fi reusit fara tine, Esti un profesor extraordinar!!!
    Tine-o tot asa!!!

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