ACCA – Romanian Taxation – PIT module

ACCA - Romanian Taxation - PIT module

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This is the Personal Income Tax (PIT) module of the "Romanian Taxation" course for ACCA exams. In this course you will learn how should be taxed any income obtained by a Romanian resident (except the incomes from agricultural activities) as well as how to tax any non-resident's income obtained from Romania. For the main individuals' incomes you will learn about mandatory contributions payable. You will learn how to declare each income, how to compute the income tax and the mandatory social contributions and you will learn how to declare and pay them as well. Each tax/contribution is treated from the very basics and fundamental principles and ends with models and practical cases so as to help you fully understand how it should be computed, declared and paid Although this course is specifically designed for those aiming to pass the ACCA exam on taxation, Romanian stream, the course may help any professional (with basic or even none accounting background) to understand and to apply the rules of Romanian Tax Laws. Your tutor will follow your progress and will provide you feedback every time you need it. We are proud to state that, probably due to the great interactivity of our courses, all our students passed the ACCA exams. Nevertheless you should be aware that the course material is based on the Romanian Tax Laws published as at 30 September prior year. The course is in English but for Romanian native speakers, feedback may be provided in Romanian. The average length of this course is 12 hours. Once you purchase this course, your enrollment  will be active until 15 December.

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