How to prepare for ACCA examination. Getting started


Download Study Book 2022 – Introduction

You will not be required to remember everything!

In exam you will receive the “Tax rates and allowances” list which you can download below:

Download “tax rates and allowances” for 2022 exams!

You know it!

This lesson is not to be considered complete until you successfully solve the questions below ­čÖé

Use what you learned in this lesson and what you know from before and try your best!

If you are in doubt and wish your tutor support, it is easy to have it. Just write it in the "Comment" section!

Your tutor will not bother you if you do not wish to, but if you wish your tutor to clarify your understanding, the fastest way is to write your understanding (or your way to find the solution) to your tutor in the "Comment" section. If you do this, your tutor will write you, privately, ASAP!

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